A Draft of Our Mission Statement

Today is Goal Sign-up Sunday. At each of today’s Masses, a member of the pastoral council will ask you to sign up to make suggestions at a November 8th or 9th Parish Assembly that will help us achieve our parish goals. Here is a draft of the mission statement and goals:

Mission Statement

We, Holy Rosary Church, are a century-old parish led by the Dominican Friars and dedicated to Our Lady’s honor. We treasure the reverent celebration of the Mass and the venerable traditions of our Catholic faith. Guided by the Magisterium and our love of God and neighbor, we strive to live and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope to strengthen our parish family, grow in stewardship, and welcome all who yearn to follow Jesus.

Goal 1: Enhance the sense of community at Holy Rosary Parish, so that five years from now a majority of parishioners say, “We feel like a family.”

(Related to element of COMMUNITY)

Goal 2: Educate ourselves in stewardship, so that we significantly enhance our ministries and resources.

(Related to element of STEWARDSHIP)

Goal 3: Using a variety of means, invite and welcome everyone to join our parish, especially those living in our parish territory.

(Related to element of EVANGELIZATION)

The assemblies will take place in the parish hall on November 8-9. At the gatherings, we will allow time for questions and answers about the mission statement and goals. After that, I will ask you to approve the mission statement and goals, if you so choose. The rest of the hour-long sesssion will be spent brainstorming ideas on how we can achieve our goals. I hope we can count on you to participate!

—Br. Ian

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EWTN Interview of Holy Rosary Parishioner

It’s always a privilege to hear parishioners and friends share their spiritual journey — even more a privilege when I’ve had the opportunity of being a companion of even only a few steps within that spiritual journey. After seeing the EWTN interview of Holy Rosary’s parishioner Jody Morse, these feelings came to the surface. Ms. Morse was invited by Marcus Grodi (host of the “Journey Home”) to share her experiences from growing up as a Presbyterian into embracing full communion with the Catholic Church. The hour long interview is very informative and I invite you to see it [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSN6ZXdA8tU&sns=em]. I was particularly touched when Jody shared her experiences at Holy Rosary Church and with the Dominican friars. How wonderful to be part of her journey “home” and presently being her parish!

On a personal note, it was incredibly rewarding to prepare her and her fiancé for their wedding. I remember very well the beautiful and intimate ceremony in our Church as they exchanged their vows. At the moment of the Our Father, right before I imparted the Nuptial Blessing, I asked the guests to form a circle around the newly wedded couple as a way to express our prayerful support for this new beginning in their lives. I treasure moments like these in my ministry.

As Jody was recounting her story in the interview, in the back of my mind I had flashbacks of my own spiritual journey, of coming from Lima, Peru, to go to college in the US, and then entering the Dominican Order. How God has blessed us; how present He is in our lives every day! As we keep journeying with God, as we keep growing in our commitment to Christ and neighbor, let’s keep each other in prayer.

In Christ,

fr. Juan, OP

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