Maintaining Our Spiritual Health


Dear Parishioners & Visitors,

As Catholics our physical and spiritual nourishment takes place in the Holy Eucharist as we consume the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. The food and drink we consume during our daily meals is trans- formed by our bodies into fuel for the building up and maintenance of muscle, sinew, and all the tissues and chemicals comprising our physical being. To maintain physical, mental, and emotional health we need to eat and drink that which is healthy and not poisonous. To maintain our spiritual health we require the Body & Blood of Christ. Moreover, we become that which we eat. In our longing to be with God, which is itself God’s gift to us, the spiritual vitamins and minerals necessary to love as God loves are there in the Body & Blood of Christ. In striv- ing to become ever more like Christ we come together as one body in Christ at the Holy Eucharist. It is thus, that refreshed and renewed, we are sent forth to search out the body of Christ in the su ering, the forgotten, the poor, the ill, the prisoner, and those hungry and thirsty for food or for justice. Even Jesus Himself was in need ~ lonely in the Garden of Gethsemane ~ and His disciples would not wake up to pray with Him for an hour. Let us choose to avail ourselves of that which sustains and animates us, the Body & Blood of Christ, which o ers us healing and energy for the mission.

Blessed Solemnity of the Body & Blood of Christ,

fr. Chris, O.P.

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Solemn Vows of Dominican Friar Carl Paustian

 Troitsa_collageDear Parishioners & Visitors,

This coming Saturday, May 28, at our 12:05 Eucharist, Dominican friar Carl Paustian, O.P., will be consecrating his life to God in the Order of Preachers as he professes his Solemn Vows. This is a great opportunity to witness a preacher and one who cares for souls committing his life until death. Following his Solemn Vows, student brother Carl will continue his theological studies and later be ordained Deacon and Priest as he grows in living God’s call to preach the Truth, to live the Way, to alleviate su ering, and to bend his head to God’s holy will.

Please come and join your community of Holy Rosary and the Dominican family professed religious and lay members for this meaningful occasion. In this we are also promoting vocations, especially as we need to con- tinue to have the priests and religious necessary to help both the Church and our parish thrive. Please join us for the reception immediately follow- ing the Eucharist in the parish hall. This will be a superb opportunity to meet friar Carl who is a most joy- lled, bright, and solicitous young man. “How beautiful on the mountaintops are the feet of those who bring good news, …”

All graces be yours in the Holy Trinity,

fr. Chris, O.P.

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