EWTN Interview of Holy Rosary Parishioner

It’s always a privilege to hear parishioners and friends share their spiritual journey — even more a privilege when I’ve had the opportunity of being a companion of even only a few steps within that spiritual journey. After seeing the EWTN interview of Holy Rosary’s parishioner Jody Morse, these feelings came to the surface. Ms. Morse was invited by Marcus Grodi (host of the “Journey Home”) to share her experiences from growing up as a Presbyterian into embracing full communion with the Catholic Church. The hour long interview is very informative and I invite you to see it [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSN6ZXdA8tU&sns=em]. I was particularly touched when Jody shared her experiences at Holy Rosary Church and with the Dominican friars. How wonderful to be part of her journey “home” and presently being her parish!

On a personal note, it was incredibly rewarding to prepare her and her fiancé for their wedding. I remember very well the beautiful and intimate ceremony in our Church as they exchanged their vows. At the moment of the Our Father, right before I imparted the Nuptial Blessing, I asked the guests to form a circle around the newly wedded couple as a way to express our prayerful support for this new beginning in their lives. I treasure moments like these in my ministry.

As Jody was recounting her story in the interview, in the back of my mind I had flashbacks of my own spiritual journey, of coming from Lima, Peru, to go to college in the US, and then entering the Dominican Order. How God has blessed us; how present He is in our lives every day! As we keep journeying with God, as we keep growing in our commitment to Christ and neighbor, let’s keep each other in prayer.

In Christ,

fr. Juan, OP

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Parish Assembly Results

Just to let you know, 189 people attended the parish assemblies on Sept. 13-14. This  was approximately 19% of those who came to Sunday Mass that weekend. Of the 189 people who attended an assembly, 165 people submitted written answers to the six questions the pastoral council asked. Here are the top three answers for each question. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of people who answered thus. The pastoral council continues to draft our parish’s pastoral plan. Don’t forget Goal Sign-up Sunday, Oct. 25-26.

Br. Ian

What makes our parish unique and special?

  • Traditional, reverent liturgies (76)
  • The Dominican Friars (43)
  • Latin Mass (41)

What do I as a member expect of my parish?

  • Opportunities to connect with the priests, staff, and parish community (34)
  • Opportunities to grow in faith (28)
  • Opportunities to receive the sacraments (28)

If Jesus were here today, what words would he give us to direct our future?

  • Love God above all, and love your neighbor as yourself. (31)
  • Preach the Gospel without compromise. (14)
  • Spread the word. (14)
  • Connect with and serve the community around you. (14)

What do our demographics and data suggest we do for the future?

  • Grow the parish. (17)
  • Enhance and encourage our religious education program and build
    a new religious education center. (17)
  • Reach out to young families moving into downtown. (16)

How should we reach out to the broader community from our parish?

  • Advertise (word of mouth, diocesan newspaper, website, etc.). (29)
  • Partner with other parishes to build community, increase evangelism, service,
    and achieve the Church’s broader goals. (18)
  • Offer service projects. (14)

Which of the seven elements do we need to focus on and why?


  • Because…(no response) (11)
  • Because we need fellowship and to get involved in community work. (9)
  • Because we need to have more community socials after Mass. (5)

WORD (34)

  • Because we need to continue educational and spiritual opportunities for adults. (10)
  • Because…(no response) (9)
  • Because we need the clear meaning of Christ’s teaching through education. (6)


  • Because…(no response) (11)
  • Because the parish needs to inform parishioners of service opportunities and
    get them involved. (5)
  • Because we need to serve as a community as Christ asks us. (5)


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