Update on Fr. Juan’s Parents

Thank you for constantly asking me about the health of my parents. Here is an update. My dad, Zenobio, is recuperating from his second stroke, at 83 years old; it’s a slow process. We are thankful that his second stroke was not as severe as the first. He’s starting to walk again but it will be a while before we know how independent he will become. My mother, Norma, is his devoted care taker. Dad is so lucky to have a physician right next to him all the time. As well, it gives me great peace to have my sister, Jocelyn, only 10 minutes away from my parents’ home. My mother, I have to say, worries me too. As a long time diabetic, she’s now suffering from advanced glaucoma and has had surgery twice (in the last two months) in order to lower the pressure in her eyes. Thank God my elementary school classmate Dr. Rafael Velarde has been taking excellent care of her. Without a doubt my mother feels tired and stressed due to the many and constant needs of dad but her outlook and attitude has always been positive and continues to inspire me.

I was briefly with my family in Lima last April, right after dad’s second stroke. It‘s always a source of hope and strength to administer to my parents the Sacrament of the Sick, of celebrating the Eucharist with them, and to spend quality family time. I look forward to being with them in Lima, especially on December 8th. On that day, my parents will celebrate fifty years of marriage. With the help of my sister, we’re planning an Anniversary Mass at St. Dominic Church in Lima. What a wonderful day it will be! Again, thank you for your prayers for my parents, please keep them coming.

You’re in mine,

fr. Juan, OP

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Invitation to Parish Assemblies

Dear Parishioners,

I cordially invite you to one of the parish assemblies scheduled for September 13-14 in the parish hall. These assemblies will be held for about an hour after each Sunday Mass that weekend. Your presence at one of these assemblies is greatly appreciated.

The purpose of these assemblies will be to get input from you as parishioners as the parish begins developing a pastoral plan. This plan will include a mission statement, goals, and objectives. About a year and a half ago, I called for the creation of a parish pastoral council to help me guide the parish. At present, nine parishioners serve on the council: Debbie Adami, Martin Beirne, Malcolm Granberry, Karina Hernandez, Cindy Hotze, Thuy Le-Thai, John Marrs, John Schultz, and Tuyen Tran. Fr. Juan also serves on the council. These individuals along with myself have responsibility for the planning the parish’s life. Planning is what parish pastoral councils do, but we can’t do that without you. That is why your presence at one of the assemblies on September 13-14 will be important.

The way planning works is the pastoral council will give you information on which to reflect in the weeks leading up to September 13-14. This information will be in the form of bulletin inserts. Please read over the information and ponder it. Then on the weekend of September 13-14, come to one of the assemblies and give your input. With the input it receives, the pastoral council will then draft a parish mission statement and goals. This statement and goals will be presented to you, the parishioners, at a later assembly for your ratification. Your ideas about possible objectives to achieve the goals will also be solicited. The pastoral council will then formulate objectives to carry out the goals, publish the plan, oversee its implementation, and evaluate its progress. But it all begins and ends with you—the parishioner—as the parish seeks to serve you better and help you live out your call as a disciple of Jesus Christ. That’s why I hope you will be present at one of the parish assemblies on September 13-14.

Br. Ian

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