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I’m still rejoicing at the crowds that we had for all our Easter liturgies, especially I rejoiced with the standing room only at the 8 a.m. mass on Easter. As I was walking down the center aisle, I was amazed. After 8 years at Holy Rosary I’d never seen that type of crowd at our earliest Sunday mass. It brought joy to my heart and made me reflect on how much we are growing as a parish in so many different ways, even in numbers. The Book of the Acts of the Apostles, which the Church proclaims through the Easter season, constantly reminds us how the small community of believers in Jerusalem added to their ranks, as a sign of the Spirit acting in peoples’ hearts.

As we continue the Easter season, we rejoice that this same Spirit is present among us, here and now, rekindling our faith in the Risen Savior. On a personal note, this is a time to celebrate in the many baptisms and weddings of which I’m a part.

Also, as Dominican friars, we are celebrating the support of several parishioners, friends, and benefactors in the planning of our Gala on Sunday, April 26, at the Houstonian Hotel. This fund raiser supports the formation of our Dominican student friars on their way to the priesthood—each student friar in formation costs about $40,000 dollars per year, we have 10 student friars!—the care of our older friars as they need constant medical care, and our present ministries. I appeal once again to your gracious generosity. If you’d like to buy a table for the Gala please call Ms. Valerie Chase or call me. If you cannot come this year, we’d appreciate you sending a donation. Make checks payable to: Dominican Gala or call to offer your gift with a credit card. No gift is too small.

We, Dominican Friars, have been preaching God’s Word and celebrating the sacraments at Holy Rosary since 1913 and we need to continue the mission.

My eternal gratitude to our 2015 Chairs Cheryl and John Sullivan, the Gala Committee, parishioners, and benefactors who are volunteering, have sent donations, have given auction items, and more importantly are praying for the success of the event.

We need you, the gift of priesthood is priceless!

In St. Dominic, the mendicant Preacher of Grace,

fr. Juan, OP

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Mary, the Mother of God

Dear Parishioners,

The ninth point in our spirituality-of-communion discussion is about Mary, the Mother of God. This and the eight previous points can be found in Called to be community: a guide to living a spirituality of communion, which is a publication of Living City of the Focolare Movement.

Mary embodies much of what we have already talked about toward fostering a spirituality of communion. At the Annunciation, she said yes to God to become the Mother of God. The will of God is the second point in the spirituality of communion. When she visited her relative Elizabeth, she manifested the fourth point in the spirituality of commuion, which is the love of neighbor. When she gave birth to Jesus, she manifested the fifth point, which is “love one another.” Mary loved her child deeply, and he loved her deeply. When she and Joseph presented Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem and heard the prediction of a sword piercing her heart and fled with the child into Egypt, Mary came to know in a beforehand way the eighth point, which is “Jesus crucified and forsaken.” Mary is the model for every Christian as someone who always says yes to God and who brings forth Jesus into the world.

When I was a boy, my maternal grandmother gave me a prayer book, which included a preparation guide for confession. The prayer book instructed penitents to ask Mary for help as they examined their consciences, so they could make a good confession. It is a practice I still keep today. What I also like about confession is after there has been the absolution of sin whether in individual confession or in a communal penance service, there is a proclamation of praise for God’s mercy. In individual confession, it takes the form of the priest saying to the penitent, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,” with the penitent responding, “His mercy endures forever.” However, in a communal penance celebration, the proclamation of God’s mercy takes the form of singing or saying the Canticle of Mary taken from Luke 1:46-55. Indeed, every time I receive the forgiveness of my sins, I want to say as Mary did, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my savior.”

Name a time when you said “yes” to God like Mary or took Mary as your role model. Share your experience with others.

Brother Ian

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