September 24, 1909: Rt. Rev. Nicholas A. Gallagher, D.D., the Bishop of Galveston, writes the Very Rev. L. F. Kearney, O.P., the Prior Provincial of the Province of St. Joseph: “I have long wished to have the Dominican fathers in my Diocese and now I think there is an opportunity. Would you be willing to establish and take charge of a Parish Church in Houston, Texas?”

October 11, 1909: The Provincial Chapter of St. Joseph’s Province meeting in Washington, D.C., accepts the offer of Bishop Gallagher. The establishment of the parish, however, is delayed for over three years.

December 31, 1912: Bishop Gallagher writes the Very Rev. Leo Matthew Heagan, O.P., the then Prior Provincial of the Province of St. Joseph, and authorizes him to organize and care for the new parish. Father Heagan, O.P., accepts and comes to Galveston in early 1913 to discuss the details.

March 1, 1913: Bishop Gallagher and Father Heagan, O.P., sign a contract establishing Holy Rosary Church in Houston.

Good Friday, March 21, 1913: Bishop Gallagher with the assistance of William H. McCarthy completes payment of $43,000 to W. A. Smith for a tract of land between Travis and Milam and between MacGregor (now Winbern) and Berry Avenues, which become the parish’s property. There are three houses on this block of land. A yellow house with green shutters at the corner of Milam and Berry becomes the temporary church, and the house on the corner of MacGregor and Travis becomes the rectory.

March 29, 1913: Joseph I. Macatee is the first person to be baptized in the new parish.

April 24, 1913: The funeral of George Rick is the first funeral to take place in the parish.

April 30, 1913: The wedding of Charles Giraud and Mary Kittrell is the first wedding to take place in the parish.

September 1913: Six classrooms in the upper story of a building at the corner of Milam and MacGregor are ready for use as a school.

January 25, 1914: Bishop Gallagher dedicates the building and blesses the church on the first floor.

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